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Food-Trends 2020

And again a year is over - we take a look at some food trends that await you in the coming year.

Hello 2020! Let's have a look at what's on the agenda in the food sector this year:

Urban Food

This trend is already on the advance: not only is food produced in the countryside, but thanks to new technologies the city also offers the opportunity to get more involved here. Perhaps you have heard of Urban Farming or Urban Gardening? Here, terraces, balconies, cellars or roofs in the city are used by its inhabitants to grow vegetables, brew beer or keep bees, for example. This means that the food does not have to make long journeys around the globe and packaging is not necessary.

Healthy dishes for children

Bye bye schnitzel with French fries - children take over from their parents the conscious and healthy eating behaviour. That's why restaurants and co. will soon have to adapt their menus. Time for organic schnitzel without breading or chocolate pudding without sugar.

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Cocktails without alcohol will probably take up a little more space in the drinks menu in the future - they are on the advance thanks to alcohol-free gin and similar innovations. Original non-alcoholic beers are also on the rise.

Beyond Plastic

The awareness that each and every one of us is still producing too much packaging waste and that this can no longer go on like this is finally there with many people. Meanwhile we try to have our jute bag always with us, buy edible straws and biodegradable coffee capsules. More attention is also being paid to environmentally friendly packaging and packaging-free shops are on the rise: more expensive is okay - as long as it is also more sustainable.

New flour alternatives

Tiger almond and coconut flour are no longer foreign to us. The new year brings with it further types of flour, namely from fruits or vegetables. These are not only to be found in the supermarket, but also processed in bars and baked goods. Sounds delicious!Trends2020Mehl_Textbild


For many people, a snack is still considered everything, but not healthy. But small bites in the stressful working day often replace the classic meals today - due to lack of time. In the few minutes available for eating during the day, one gets tired of fatty fries and co. - but is looking for healthy snacks that fill up and taste delicious. That's why restaurants with healthy but quickly prepared dishes like Poke Bowls or Ramen are becoming more and more popular. Energy-giving bars and filling drinks are also on the rise. 2020 will see a number of snack variations - we are curious.Trends2020Ramen_Textbild7qyzHrPqLQFta

Eating Art

The idea of Eating Art is to break the traditional patterns when eating: The sequence of starter, main course and dessert is adopted and dishes no longer have to consist of their typical components (carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins). Followers of Eating Art have the intention that the passion for food should be rediscovered and that everyone can enjoy it at any time and any place. Thus, it should be possible for everyone to eat the way it was previously only possible in star restaurants. Sounds like there will be many new tastes waiting for us in the coming year.

West African cuisine

In 2020 African cuisine can show what it can do. Especially old cereals such as teff flour or fonio millet will be on the menu, as well as Moringa and Tamarinde, which are known as superfood. 

We wish you a delicious new year!

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