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Luomu kikhernelevite 400 g

Luomu kikhernelevite 400 g

  • Vegan
  • Super creamy
  • Refined with aubergine and carrots
  • Available also as 12-pack
  • Gluten-free
6,50 €
16,25 € per kg

*Hinta sis.ALV (toimituskulut erikseen)

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Parasta ennen päiväys: 03.09.2022

Kaikki yhdellä silmäyksellä Luomu kikhernelevite 400 g

If you are tired of butter, guacamole, or creame cheese, and of constantly blending tons of chickpeas to satisfy your hummus cravings, then look no further! We at KoRo have perfected a hummus-inspired chickpea spread recipe that will win you over – completely organic, stress-free, and absolutely delicious.

Super versatile and tasty

Our chickpea spread is so much more than just a dip for pita bread, raw veggies, or crisps; this creamy paste is also a perfect match for roasted or grilled vegetables, falafel, and couscous salads. It works wonderfully if you want to upgrade your salad too: simply stir a spoonful into some plant-based yoghurt, add some lemon juice – and voilà! And, of course, it goes without saying that our chickpea spread is a perfect match with a simple slice of whole wheat bread.

Hummus is not the only bread spread in our selection: KoRo has developed a whole range of plant-based spreads for you. A flavoursome one with curry and mango for the fans of exotic tastes among you; a simple and versatile version with aubergine for who loves the classics; and a tomato and basil one to take you to the Mediterranean coasts – all of them vegan, organic, and marvellously creamy!

What makes our hummus special

Our hummus in glass is perfect for a spontaneous picnic, an emergency empty-fridge situation, or for your next festival trip, as it has a very long shelf life. Moreover, our large-sized glasses enable us to offer you our delicious chickpea creamy spread for a very convenient price. Thanks to its high percentage of vegetable oil and high-quality organic ingredients, our hummus is super smooth and tastes like heaven. Give it a try!

Ravintosisältö keskimäärin per 100g per 100g
energia (kJ/kcal) 1671 / 339
rasva 32 g
   josta tyydyttynyttä rasvaa 2,8 g
hiilihydraatit 6,6 g
   josta sokereita 1,5 g
ravintokuitu 2,9 g
proteiini 4,2 g
suola 0,79 g

Tuote nro. AUFSTR_004
Alkuperämaa Produced in Belgium
Sisältö 0.4 kg
Tuotemerkki KoRo
EAN 4260654783186
Lataukset Specification
Luomu kontrollointipaikka BE-BIO-01
Saattaa sisältää -merkintä Nutrition traces
Toimitus Delivery time outside of Germany
Yritys KoRo Handels GmbH
Koppenplatz 9, 10115 Berlin
Säilytys Store in a cool and dry place
Ainesosat Colza oil*, chickpeas* 18%, aubergine*, sunflower seeds*, tomato paste*, water, carrot*, apple cider vinegar*, natural essences (pepper, garlic, cumin), lemon juice*, salt, cumin*. * from certified organic agriculture.
Kontaminaatio May contain traces of MUSTARD
Myyntinimike Chickpea bread spread
Bio Herkunft EU/Nicht-EU-Landwirtschaft
Lehdistö & jälleenmyyjät Kuvia valkoisella taustalla

KoRon hintakaavio Luomu kikhernelevite 400 g

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1,25€ / 100g
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Luomu tomaatti-basilikalevite 400 g
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Hinta sis.ALV (toimituskulut erikseen)

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Hinta sis.ALV (toimituskulut erikseen)

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Hinta sis.ALV (toimituskulut erikseen)

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Hinta sis.ALV (toimituskulut erikseen)

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Maapähkinä energiapallo | 15 x 30 g
Maapähkinä energiapallo | 15 x 30 g
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Hasselpähkinä energiapallo| 15 X 30 G
Hasselpähkinä energiapallo| 15 X 30 G
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Hinta sis.ALV (toimituskulut erikseen)